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Public Transportation

  The city public transportation in Timisoara is assured by the Company for Public Transportation Timisoara STPT (former Regia Autonoma de Transport Timisoara -RATT) - (click here for details STPT)

In Timisoara, at the moment, there are the following transport city lines: 
-  bus lines (click here for details)
-  expres bus lines (click here for details)
-  tramway lines (click here for details)
-  trolleybus lines (click here for  details)

  Means of transport run between: 5:00  -  23:30

  map 2014-ratt

  Tickets for the public transportation in Timisoara

  You have to buy the tickets (or electronic wallets  ACCES) in advance and stamp / validate them in the vehicle.

  Tickets for the public transportation can be purchased at kiosks that display the STPT (RATT) logo and from the most of the newspaper kiosks. 
Electronic wallets (ACCES) can be also purchased at the STPT (RATT) kiosks ( for ACCES electronic wallets you need an identity card, they are personalised). The costs for rides with the ACCES cards are the same with the tickets.

You can use the same type of tickets for buses, trams, trolleybuses, Expres buses and Metropolitan buses. A ticket for 1 ride costs - 2,5 lei.  

   There are also day tickets for public transportation. A day ticket costs 12 lei (valid for buses, trams, trolleybuses, Expres buses  including also the Metropolitan buses and Metropolitan trolleybuses.)

   STPT kiosks are open from Monday to Friday between  6.00-21.30.
   There are also shops in the city center, which sell tickets for public transportation.

   Saturday and Sunday STPT kiosks are closed.

   Details - the location and the schedule of STPT kiosks in Timisoara

   Details for ticket prices for public transportation in Timisoara

   The connection between Timişoara and the Traian Vuia Airport is assured by
    Expres 4 (from the Bastion, (close to the city centre) to the airport and back),   
                Details for the Expres bus E4  Airport - Bastion
            Details for the Expres bus E4  Bastion - Airport

    Expres 4b (from the airport to the North Railway Station and back)
                Details for the Expres bus E4b   Airport - North Raiway Station "Gara de Nord"
                Details for the Expres bus E4b   North Railway Station - Airport


   The metropolitan  bus transport, between Timisoara and some of the neighbour

   - M11, on the route Timişoara (Gara de Nord) - Ghiroda (trolleybus), 
   - M14, on the route Timişoara - Dumbrăviţa  (trolleybus),
   - M22, on the route Timişoara - Moşniţa Nouă - Albina  (bus), 
   - M29, on the route Timişoara (Piata Virgil Economu) - Ghiroda (bus),  
   - M30, on the route Timişoara (Bastion) - Ghiroda (bus),  
   - M35, on the route Timişoara - Giarmata Vii (bus), 
   - M44, on the route Timişoara - Becicherecul Mic (bus), 
   Details for metropolitan transportation












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